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Open Road

Welcome the Open Road… Spring is in bloom, summer is on its way, and I have road trips in mind. Open roads that give me a different kind of space to invent, shift paradigms, surrender, listen, adventure, play, and create on the way to…somewhere.  When we find ourselves with unexpected space and opportunity—a new direction, […]


Light after light

Imagine you are a sunflower looking into a mirror seeing an infinity of sunflowers, one after the other, all the options before you.  The sunflower has been a symbol of my company through all its evolutions because of its natural behavior. It turns its face toward the sun and follows the light as it moves across […]



Wait, can I really do this? Who is that up ahead? He looks like someone I should know. When did she become so good at THAT? I look so content. It’s one of those weird, miraculous and true concepts that science tries to explain for us in quantum theory. That you already exist in your […]