An Invitation

Jenna was hell bent on going it alone, whatever it was. She was noodling (agonizing) over a big decision that involved her significant other and realized in our session she believed she had to be the one to make the decision. Always.

She was braced for defense, unable to be vulnerable, going parallel with her partner where she felt alone and had to call the shots, and stuck in her head. The beauty of shared hearts, being on the same page with another person, and conversation as a catalyst for vulnerability and finding a spirit of oneness was only a concept to her, not a reality she had experienced.

Conversation is a vehicle of discovery. Instead of broadcasting our perspectives, it’s an opportunity to allow mutual perspectives to be discovered naturally, for common thought and language to emerge.

She had a gift for drawing people out, but was finding herself exhausted because she couldn’t allow herself the vulnerability to be met, to be nourished, heard, and understood. Her journey is to allow herself to be discovered.

If relationship were to meet us only where we are we would grow nowhere. The shift she made in the call that day was clearing the clutter of energetic patterns that kept her alone and defended within relationship. Her soul can now reshape her personality, changing the way she relates to everything and everyone, including herself. 

We expand our capacity for relationship where our linear minds, and unconscious fears bred in our past are cleared to their source and grow silent. Our souls then begin to speak, to come out and play to say, can you hear my heart? 

She can now meet her partner with possibility in conversation rather than her past and say, “will you grow with me?”


~Shelley Hawkins

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