“Connection is the new love…”

I have the Beetles song running through my mind saying, “all you need is love”… along with the modern day conundrum talked about in consciousness circles of how we use the magic of technology to connect us rather than divide us.
In the world of consciousness and relationship, presence is the holy grail, something like pacing is to the runner’s world, or the relationship a sailor has to the wind—highly valued and practiced skills that tune us in to the subtleties… and mastery.
In any moment, our attention has many options for places to be. In fact 49.6% of people are thinking of something else while they’re doing what they’re doing. Technology feeds into the splintering of our attention spans, but our divided attention existed before social media, cell phones, and notifications.
I think about the times when I sit down to write and suddenly there’s ‘that thing’ I’ve got to do in the other room. One day I was on to myself. Now when it happens, I know there is a creative thought coming through if I’d only stay connected and let the gods of writing deliver their epiphanies to my page.
Perhaps the greatest value of presence is connection, to feel the thereness of another, connection with yourself, with amazing ideas, to life itself. Love is not the greatest power in the world, said Carolyn Myss. Choice is. With choice, we choose whom to love, how to love, when to love, if we love.
Love has infinite forms and with choice we shape it and shape our world. Like an alert restfulness, an expansive focus rather than a contracted one that brings us home to ourselves, presence helps us direct our choices into the infinite forms our love can, and may need, to take to release what no longer serves us and receive and shape what we do in business, relationships, and vitality.
Presence is the practice of connectedness. Connection is where all real and meaningful change happens and love moves it all.
~Shelley Hawkins