“Play is not a place you arrive by getting enough work done…”

Our work ethic may teach us how to get a lot done, but if you want to look into the eyes of someone truly present, they have a deep play ethic. They’re comfortable with space without filling it, have a childlike spirit, and a deep trust in themselves and life. Ironically, or maybe not ironically, if we know we’re going to play, we get so much done and much more efficiently and effectively.
Play brings us into focus, clears the cobwebs and is an act of freedom saying you know not everything is formed by your effort. It’s a principle of life. To build muscle, you are ripping it during a workout and it’s during rest that it builds while repairing itself.
Sometimes we treat play like a rejected step-child, giving it our seconds. Or we use it to fill space, scheduling it in among a long list as another way to live out our compulsions without actually connecting. What if we scheduled it first? That whatever our visions and the feeling, energy, and effort we put into them, we gave our firsts to play as an act of deep trust in infinite possibility.
~Shelley Hawkins, MS